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myths, vampires and drop-bears

A long time ago there were no koalas, then there were. Life can be confusing.
There are a few gaps in the history, they will be dealt with in the near future.
During the Cosa Nostra purges of the late 1960s several of the Dons sent family members into hiding in Australia. Despite their reputation as cute and cuddly the Australian Koala can be dangerous. They are grumpy with long claws and sharp teeth. The mafia families are rumoured to have trained up to thirty Koalas as attack animals to protect a property near Bell in the Blue Mountain area. Witnesses claim that the animals slept 16 hours a day and managed to be asleep whenever anything occured. The mafia families then went to Canberra to buy a politician but were told to come back later as it was Happy Hour at the pub. This is a photo of three koalas.